I’m ready for 2024

It’s been a challenging time for all indie artists and small businesses everywhere over the last few years and I’m not going to lie, it’s been difficult to keep going at times.

Making art and being immersed in the creative process is my lifeline though and I can’t imagine not doing it. It’s one of the reasons I get up out of bed every morning, eager to see what characters and wonderlands I bring to life.

The world’s been battling with so many sad events, horrendous warfare plus Covid-19 locking down entire Countries in it’s early stages and the resulting panic and isolated lifestyles which maybe the Commercial Trade will never recover from. Then the “Creative Arts” industry was impacted by the introduction of AI, , Artificial Intelligence, which seems, in my humble opinion, to be replacing the need for humans to think or create for themselves. Why is it always “the Creative Arts” industry that suffers? AI will not impact on sport or physical businesses where customers have to be in the real, physical world.

Hopefully though, the human race will push through and come out of all of this still smiling and ready for a more optimistic future ahead.

This intro post to 2024 is sounding a bit sad but I’m a realist and I think all creatives feel things much more deeply than we should don’t you think? It’s in our DNA as artists because we reach right into our soul to use our imagination and feelings as we create imagery.

Thanks for reading and if you’re a fellow creative I’d love you to share your feelings about how all of these things have affected you.

In the meantime, bring on a fresh New Year and I will continue to hand-draw all of my art to “create magical moments for kids”.

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