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Celebrate MerMay with Hush the Moon

As I recently launched a Wonderland Theme called “Ocean Friends” with a mermaid as the star of the show, I thought it might be fun to celebrate MerMay. May is a special month for me as it’s also my Birthday so what better way to celebrate with some fun colouring, prizes and lucky draws for your children. We don’t take competitions too seriously at Hush the Moon, it’s more about your children finding ways to get creatively involved and having fun. I’m also a qualified art teacher so there will be some instructional videos thrown in for your children to watch about colouring creatively and not just “filling in between the lines”. Lots of fun to look forward to right through the month of May! In return, I simply request that you subscribe to the Hush the Moon Newsletter and help me spread the word about my small business on social media. This is hugely appreciated 🙂

Mermay is only open to Australian residents as Hush the Moon is so shiny and new with a limited budget. Thanks for your understanding.

Individual Ocean Friends Colour-me wall stickers are some of the prizes

Children ages 7-14 residing in Australia can enter the MerMay activities whose parents or guardians have subscribed to the Hush the Moon Newsletter.

Activity One – Colour a Mermaid or Merboy

Mermaid and Seastar
Merboy and Coral

Print out one of the pictures which you received as a subscriber for your children to colour using colour pencils, watercolour pencils, textas, felt pens, acrylic paint or any art media you have at home. Digital colouring will not be accepted.

Children, do your very best work and watch the video of Lesley from Hush the Moon, who is an art teacher, showing you how to colour creatively by blending your colours using colour pencils and watercolour pencils.

Deadline for entries: Friday 20 May 2022


1st Prize: for the most creative colouring An “Ocean Friends” Colouring Book as an actual colouring book via Amazon Australia which will be mailed out to your child.

2 runners up prizes: A PDF version of “Ocean Friends” Colouring Book which can be printed at home or taken to Office Works to be printed and spirally bound. Coloured covers will be included.

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More activities for MerMay and prizes coming soon….

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