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The First Wonderland Collection

I’m thrilled to have opened the virtual doors of Hush the Moon which has been a vision of mine for a very long time and only become a reality due to the wonderful Australian print labs I’ve collaborated with.

The vision is to have a marketplace you, as parents or grandparents, can create a themed Collection of items around your child’s interests. These Collections [or Wonderlands as I prefer to call them] encompass home decor, apparel, stationery and books.

So… for example… if your daughter is mad about mermaids…. she can sleep in her bedroom with decorated wallpaper and large decals, on a bed with matching pillows, cushions, duvet cover and blanket, wear a mermaid themed t-shirt, write in her matching journal with mermaid stickers, check her messages on her matching mobile phone case, have a mug of hot chocolate in a mermaid mug….that is one happy mermaid loving girl!

To top it all off, the items can be personalised using the online designer, with her name or short phrase. Now, you don’t get that in large chain stores.

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